Movement Coaching

Movement Coaching

A unique blend of flexibility, strength, weight training and play designed to help you feel like you are always ready to move.

What if you could wake up every morning knowing your body can handle everything you want from it?

Movement Coaching is a type of Personal training that help you to move more, feel strong and  capable instead of nagging tightness and aches, you feel ready to push yourself in the gym, on the court, outdoors and in day to day living.

Find what has been missing from your fitness routine.

Discover the benefits of a creative movement approach to  fitness, strength
and flexibility training.


Our approach

We believe health is about how your body functions and a great body should be a by-product of quality movement.

We offer a unique and holistic approach to our clients with all levels of physical ability. Whether you’re an elite athlete, a complete novice, or somewhere in between, we’re excited to help you take the next step forward on your movement journey.

We place great emphasis on quality over quantity and focus on teaching people how to move well first. We utilise a combination of Flexibility, Strength, Weight training and Play to address each clients needs while making sessions enjoyable and progressive.

Not a Gym goer?
Enjoy bespoke fitness studio in the heart of Exeter. This space was designed to help you stay focused and enjoy your movement journey far away from busy and noisy gyms.

You will have access to great variety of training tools and cardio equipment as well as movement area to warm up, cool down after your workout.

Free consultation
Let’s meet and you can see if it’s right for you. There’s no commitment, pressure, or obligation.



Michal Konopko

Gymnastic Coach, Mobility Specialist,
Parkour/Free-running Coach and Personal Trainer

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Mike has been exploring the world of fitness and strength training since 2005.
Michal started in 2005, practising Contemporary dance. A few years later, he discovered the sport of Parkour. This led him to coaching Gymnastics and later exploring Callisthenics, Crossfit and Flexibility training which fuelled his interest in fundamental movement principals and becoming a Movement Coach.

Over last 15 years Michal has worked with physiotherapists, doctors, gymnastic coaches, dance teachers and athletes, using this experience to develop his ethos and build a unique training system.

Michal believes in inspiring people to make a positive change in their lifestyle to move better, feel better, and live better resulting in a healthy body and mind.

Helping you to feel like you are always ready to move, enjoying your sport, fitness and everyday life.  

What Are People Saying?

Few good words from people from all walks of life who enjoyed their movement journey.

“Thanks to Michal’s movement health approach, I’ve progressed further than I could ever imagine!”
Alexandra H. | N and E Nurse

“Michal’s approach to whole body training , wellbeing and physical health is to be honest a breath of fresh air”
— Philip Culver Evans,  Financial Advisor