Movement Coaching


Someone who helps you to move more and move better.

A unique blend of flexibility, mobility, callisthenics and weight training to develop and maintain a fully functional, supple and strong body. Movement Coaching is focused on helping people to understand how our body is designed to move, enabling them to freely and safely take part in whatever physical activities they enjoy throughout their life. You will focus on strategies and patterns that are the foundation of movement health and which carry over into many activities in daily life and promote and restore health and wellbeing.


Michal Konopko

Gymnastic Coach, Mobility Specialist,
Parkour/Free-running Coach and Personal Trainer

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Michal has over 10 years’ experience in coaching and training and is a qualified Gymnastic Coach, Mobility Specialist, Parkour/Free-running Coach and Personal Trainer. In recent years Michal has focused on Movement Health and Longevity to help people to be pain free, enjoy their hobbies, excel in their chosen sports and to feel great, enabling people to do what they love for many years to come. Michal’s approach focuses on restoring fundamental movement patterns, improving overall strength, control and restoring functional range of motion (mobility/flexibility), helping you to feel fit, strong and to move with confidence. 




1 hour


Packages available on request.

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