why physiotherapy?

At Barefoot we are the experts at solving your unique pain puzzle.

Whether you want to compete in high-performance sports or simply enjoy everyday activities pain-free, we are committed to helping you achieve a full recovery and get you back to a pain-free active lifestyle as quickly as possible.

At Barefoot we are the experts at solving your unique pain puzzle. We use science-based treatments underpinned by expert clinical reasoning gained from years of experience and further learning to provide an accurate diagnosis and find a solution to a variety of conditions. From long-standing pain, sports injuries to all manner of aches and niggles.

Clients trust us to deliver a thorough detailed assessment and an accurate diagnosis with a personalised treatment and management plan. This means our appointments are typically longer than most clinics as we would rather see you for a longer session than more frequent, albeit shorter sessions. The extra time allows for a more thorough treatment session and ensures that you are on the right track to recovery.



We work with you to find all the contributors to your pain and injury.

We look at out how your problem fits together in the overall scheme of your body and guide you through a comprehensive plan to solve these issues and get you back to doing the things you love.


Reputation built by word of mouth not reliant on conveyor-belt of patients


Treatment is tailored to the individual


Dedicated to proven scientific methods


We believe that the hands of good Physiotherapists are one of our greatest assets; they are the instruments we use to assess, diagnose and treat your musculoskeletal conditions


No pseudo-science, no treatment vouchers, no gimmicks, no excessive visits, our ‘special offer’ is to provide the most effective treatment possible.


James Morgan

Clinical Lead and Owner

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James is a specialist MSK and sports physiotherapist with over 20 years of experience across a variety of sectors including NHS, Sport, Occupational Health and ergonomics and a number of private settings. He has worked in elite and professional sport and has a special interest in Crossfit and running injuries as well as chronic pain conditions.

James has extensive post-graduate training in an extended range of techniques and treatment approaches. His passion for the use of evidence-based practice and commitment to helping people overcome pain and injury in the long term, rather than temporary quick fixes, gimmicks and short term ‘fool’s gold’ led to forging his own path with Barefoot Physio. A philosophy born out of the desire to depart from a conveyor belt fashion of high patient turnover, choosing quality over quantity. James developed a reputation for being able to help where previous treatments failed. His services soon became sought after enough to relocate to a bespoke facility and evolve barefoot to become a holistic multidisciplinary clinic.

Amy Gallagher

Amy Gallagher

Chartered Physiotherapist

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Amy is a chartered Physiotherapist who has experience working in both the NHS and private clinics. Amy’s passion is helping people with musculoskeletal injuries and has a special interest working with cyclists, being a keen cyclist herself. Amy has a background of working as a sports massage therapist and has had the fortune of working across the French and Swiss Alps with road and mountain cyclists at large scale events. Since then she has worked freelance and with private physiotherapy clinics in Sheffield. In 2021 she worked with the Sheffield Steeler’s Ice Hockey team and has recently been selected to work with the GT Factory racing team during the Enduro World Series and Downhill World Cup competitions for 2022. She is a keen cyclist, climber and general activity seeker. Passionate that movement and health are two of life’s priorities she is motivated to help others recover and to continue learning this fascinating profession.

Jacob Robey

Senior Physiotherapist

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As an ex-elite athlete, Jake has played at international levels for both rugby and water-polo. Due to his previous career in sport Jake has racked up a vast number of injuries from dislocations, ligament and muscle tears, overuse/repetitive strain injuries, lower back pain and more. This led Jake into the world of physiotherapy and his passion for helping people with their pain and injuries. His personal experience of three knee operations has also given him a deeper level of understanding when it comes to the treatment and management of pain and injuries.

Jake studied at King’s College London, one of the top 20 universities in the world, where he was taught by some of the leading researchers in the field of physiotherapy. Here he gained a huge array of experience and a large amount of exposure in some of the leading hospitals in the country and world during his studies and career.
Jake has worked within the NHS, sporting and private physiotherapy settings gaining a vast depth of knowledge building on his foundation as a Human Biologist.

He has a keen interest in knee pain, sporting injuries, and chronic pain. He has a passion for hypermobility syndrome, biomechanics, and has a large amount of experience dealing with lower back pain and sciatica.


Victoria Caulfield

Women’s Health Physiotherapist

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For more info on Victoria and our dedicated women’s health service click here




Physiotherapy Initial assessment (60 mins)



Physiotherapy Treatment follow up (45 mins)



Woman’s Health Initial Assessment (75 mins)



Women’s Health Follow Up (45 mins)

Insurance Providers

We are registered with most major insurance providers including Aviva, AXA/PPP and BUPA.