Sports Massage

WHY sports massage?

Sports massage is a deep form of soft tissue mobilisation which is beneficial for both athletes or anyone who wants to move better and feel better. 

It involves a wide range of techniques to help you relieve muscular tension, mobilise soft tissues and reduce pain to help you perform better in life and your chosen sport. 
It can be used as a regular part of you training programme, as an effective performance enhancement. Although the name implies a sporting clientele, sports massage is appropriate to all.
When can a sports massage help?
  • To relieve muscle tension
  • To treat sore muscles
  • Reduce stress & aid relaxation  
  • Before a event
  • After a event
  • Pain management & injury rehab 
  • Feel better in your body & move pain-free

Michal Konopko

Gymnastic Coach, Mobility Specialist,
Parkour/Free-running Coach and Personal Trainer

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Michal is currently completing a level 5 Soft Tissue Therapist course in order to compliment his 10 years of experience as a movement coach; helping everyday people and athletes to move better and feel better with ease and comfort.
Michal is currently available to book a sports/deep tissue and recovery massage. This is a great way to reduce your stress levels, help with recovery, address any sport or life-related tension in your body and move better to enjoy everyday life. 
Due to Michal’s knowledge and experience working as a gymnastic coach, personal trainer and mobility specialist since 2010, he is able to offer a unique approach to massage therapy.

Introductory Massage Offer £40 – 1 hour Massage

Enjoy a 60minute massage and experience the benefits of massage.’ Spaces are limited and available to new clients only

Massage packages

We have created a range of massage packages for those wanting to book a regular massage. For more information or to book a massage package please get in touch directly.


x 6

60 minute sessions

£270 – £45 each

(save £30)



60 minute sessions

£328 – £41 each

(save £72)



60 minute sessions

£450 – £37.50 each

(save £150)


Take advantage of our payment plans to make massage a part of your regular ongoing wellbeing and safe-care. We offer a selection of monthly payment options, with significant savings. For more information or to set up payment plan please get in touch directly.

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