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Have you got Knee Pain?

Here at Barefoot Physio we are passionate about treating knees. If you are experiencing pain going up and down stairs, during walking, or during more strenuous activities such as running or sports, or you have sustained an injury or the pain has come on gradually for no reason, we can help.

Knee pain can be caused by a variety of factors, including injuries to the knee muscles, ligaments, knee cap, patella tendon and conditions like osteoarthritis.

Our expert Physiotherapists will use their extensive knowledge about the lower limb to give you the treatment and exercises that will make sure you get pain relief and correct knee function for the long term. Through a detailed assessment and examination, we will identify any muscle imbalances, weaknesses, or instability in your knee joint. This will allow us to design an individualised treatment plan that focuses on improving your symptoms and addressing the underlying issues.

Our Physios are trained in addressing a wide range of knee-related conditions and injuries. With our extensive knowledge we are equipped to provide you with a tailored and comprehensive rehabilitation plan that is suited to your specific needs and goals. We use a variety of evidence-based techniques and therapies to alleviate your knee pain. This may involve strengthening exercises to target specific muscles, manual therapies to improve joint mobility, stretching to increase flexibility, retraining movement, or modalities such as Shockwave or taping.

We understand that each person’s journey with knee pain is unique, which is why we make it a priority to tailor our treatments to your specific condition and personal goals. We will work closely with you to outline a rehabilitation plan that is achievable and effective, helping you regain strength, mobility and confidence in your knee.

In addition to providing immediate pain relief and rehabilitation, our specialised knee pain service also aims to equip you with the knowledge and tools to prevent future injuries and manage any chronic conditions. Our team will educate you on proper body mechanics and techniques to ensure that you move and engage your knee joint in a safe and healthy way.

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