Movement Coaching

Our unique approach to fitness is focusing on Movement Coaching to help you feel strong, supple and always ready to Move.

Movement Coaching is a type of personal training that will help you to move more and feel strong and capable. Stop putting up with that nagging tightness and aches and start feeling ready to push yourself in the gym, on the court, outdoors and in day to day living.
Our Coach Mike believes health is about how your body functions and a great body should be a by-product of quality movement.

Our Approach

Michal offers a unique and holistic approach to all levels of physical ability. Whether you’re an elite athlete, a complete novice, or somewhere in between Michal is excited to help you take the next step forward on your movement journey.
Michal places great emphasis on quality over quantity and focuses on teaching people how to move well first. Utilising a combination of flexibility, strength, weight training and play to address each students needs, while making sessions enjoyable and progressive.
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