V02 Max Testing

For more info on V02 Max Testing or to book an appointment please contact Clive.
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Why Vo2 Max Testing?

Our Aerobic Capacity (Vo2max) Testing is Considered the Gold Standard Measure of Cardiovascular Fitness.

The accurate metabolic analysis provides a baseline against which your progress can be measured, and an individualised training programme can be created.

Simpler and more accurate than other forms of testing; you always get a consistent evaluation. By taking the test at regular intervals you can assess the development of your cardio fitness.

The test does not require you to go to exhaustion and is therefore suitable for all levels of fitness, from health-related fitness to athletic performance.

COVOX is a British built analyser designed by Clive Williams. He has provided technical support of the COVOX analyser to several institutions and laboratories as well as the Police Service and Fire and Rescue Service, and has worked with people to improve their cardiovascular health for many years.

For more info on V02 Max Testing or to book an appointment please contact Clive.

Initial Consultation

Before your aerobic assessment you are required to complete a simple Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (Par-Q). Many health benefits are associated with regular exercise and the completion of PAR-Q is a sensible first step to take. For most people physical exercise should not pose any problem or hazard. PAR-Q has been designed to identify the small number of individuals for whom physical activity might be inappropriate, or those who should seek medical advice concerning the type of activity most suitable for them.

We introduce you to the analysis equipment and explain the assessment procedure. A face mask and breathing valve allow us to collect your exhaled air for analysis whilst you exercise. The mask is comfortable to wear and breathing is much easier than breathing through covid19 face masks.

An initial aerobic sub-maximal (non exhaustive) assessment is performed. This is not a fitness test, it simply provides a unique personal baseline measurement, which we use to monitor the progress of your training.

A single assessment will cost £60 reducing to £53 for a block booking of 4 assessments or £45 for 8 assessments booked.

Follow Up Appointments

We use the same procedure as the initial assessment, however the sensitivity of our equipment allows us to accurately measure how well your training has progressed and if necessary make adjustment to your workout.

Cardiovascular and Core Fitness Training Classes

We use Exercise Metabolic Analysis and a range of non impact cardiovascular machines to provide optimal cardiovascular and core muscle training in a group environment. Sessions are limited to 5 people and run for 3 months. The aerobic sub-maximal (non exhaustive) assessment is included as part of the course to provide a unique personal baseline measurement, which we use to monitor the pro gress of your training.

Cost £164 for 3 months.

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