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Elevate your athletic performance and recovery with our expert sports massage treatments at Barefoot Physio.

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Why Sports Massage?

Sports Massage is a Deep Form of Soft Tissue Mobilisation

It involves a wide range of techniques to help you relieve muscular tension, mobilise soft tissues and reduce pain to help you perform better in life and your chosen sport.

It can be used as a regular part of you training programme, as an effective performance enhancement. Although the name implies a sporting clientele, sports massage is appropriate to all.


  • To relieve muscle tension
  • To treat sore muscles
  • Reduce stress & aid relaxation
  • Before a event
  • After a event
  • Pain management & injury rehab
  • Feel better in your body & move pain-free

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Massage Packages

We have created a range of massage packages for those wanting to book a regular massage. We offer a selection of monthly payment options, with significant savings.

To set up your monthly massage subscription simply click on the book now button of the package you would like below. We will then contact you to arrange a convenient appointment.

If you would prefer to set up a weekly, or fortnightly subscription for a regular massage then please get in touch with us directly.


X 6

60 minute sessions

£300 – £50 each


X 8

60 minute sessions

£360 – £45 each


X 12

60 minute sessions

£480 – £40 each


Looking for the perfect gift?

Give the gift of massage and treat your loved one to a 60 or 90 minute deeply relaxing Bespoke Massage.

60 minute massage
90 minute massage

Frequently Asked Questions

‘Regular’ massage therapy is often a holistic treatment which focuses on relaxation and easing tension, whereas a sports massage pinpoints a specific grievance and uses a range of specific techniques to reduce pain and aid recovery.
This is a common misconception, as this massage therapy is associated with athletes and relief from strenuous physical activity. However, sports massage can be a beneficial form of physical therapy for non-athletes. As with any massage, we will work with you to ensure the massage is as comfortable as possible, with varying levels of pressure.
We offer a 60 minute appointment for Sports Massage which costs £55.

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