Michal Konopko

Mobility Coach and Sports Massage /Remedial Therapist

Movement Coaching:
Michal’s passion for movement and health started in 2005 when he first discovered contemporary dance and a few years later the sport of Parkour. This led him to coach Gymnastics and later exploring Callisthenics, Crossfit and Flexibility training, all of which fuelled a interest in fundamental movement principals and becoming a Movement Coach.

Over last 15 years Michal has worked with physiotherapists, doctors, gymnastic coaches, dance teachers and athletes, using this experience to develop his ethos and unique training methods.

I believe in inspiring people to make a positive change in their lifestyle to move better, feel better and live better, resulting in a healthy body and mind.

I will help you to feel like you are always ready to move, enjoying your sport, fitness and everyday life.

Sports Massage:
Sports Massage/Remedial Therapist: Michal is a level 5 Soft Tissue Therapist, allowing him the knowledge and skills to use massage as a way of working with people experiencing pain and injury. Michal is in a unique position where he is able to offer both his skills as a soft tissue therapist and movement coach to help people both through movement and hands on treatment.

Services available to book with Michal:

  • Sports Massage.
  • Deep Tissue Massage.
  • Hot Stone Massage.
  • Movement Coaching.

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