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What is a bike fit?

If you experience pain or discomfort whilst riding a bike, it may be an indication that your bike it not optimally set-up for you. A bike fit by a Physiotherapist can identify the cause of the discomfort and make recommendations for both you and the bike.

This is not a bike sizing. Recommendations as to the size of bike you may need will not be provided but changes to the bike such as position of saddle, cleat position, handlebars etc will be recommended.

This bike fit focuses on pain and discomfort or return from injury, not performance, although improving comfort and improve performance.

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Who is a bike fit for?

Anyone who rides a bike! This can be a regular cyclist, a beginner or a casual cyclist.

We are passionate about helping cyclists of all levels to be pain-free on the bike to allow comfort and enjoyment.

What a bike fit involves:

Thorough assessment on- and off- the bike to understand your unique body mechanics, goals and riding style. We take the time to understand your body’s movement and strength.

Adapting the bike to your body (seat height, cleat position etc).

Providing supplementary advice and strength exercises or stretches.

Recommendations as to alternatives e.g., insoles, crank length (we are not a bike shop so are not trying to sell you products).

What happens at a bike fit:

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Bike fit interview:

We will start with a conversation about the nature of the pain and discomfort you get, your riding, your goals and any previous injuries.

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Off-bike assessment:

This will include range of movement, strength, muscle lengths and any joint tightness to understand how your body moves. Here we can make recommendations as to any stretches, strengthening or mobility exercises that will improve your body’s movement and comfort on the bike. We’ll also look at your cycling footwear and alter cleat position as needed.

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On-bike assessment:

We’ll assess your current position including taking measurements and looking at how you move on the bike. Here we will fine-tune the measurements of your bike to suit you and improve comfort.

What to bring to a bike fit:

Your normal cycling clothes, you will be spending time on the bike pedalling!

Your normal cycling shoes. If you have recently bought new shoes, bring your old pair. Please ensure shoes are clean.

Bike! Please ensure your bike is fairly clean so that it is easy to make adjustments to the bike.

Our bike fit service

Our Physio bike fit service offers a comprehensive evaluation of both YOU and your bike. The bike will be expertly adjusted to fit you, and you will be guided to work on aspects of your body to improve your cycling experience and help prevent injury in the future.

Physiotherapists are specialists in assessing and treating the human body, which after all is more than half of the bike-fit picture! Physiotherapists who are trained in the specifics of bike fitting are perfectly positioned to make positive changes to the bike and the cyclist. Experts in musculoskeletal and movement screening, we will make impactful adjustments, such as personalized strengthening and stretching exercises, improving muscle coordination, training drills, and modifications to your bike.

Every Bike-Fit includes a thorough movement and muscle screening, a detailed follow-up report, a customized home exercise program, and invaluable advice on injury prevention and cycling performance.

Unlike relying solely on "recommended angles," our approach recognizes your individuality – considering factors like age, flexibility, injuries, and how you use your bike. We go beyond broad recommended ranges, providing a bespoke fit that aligns with your anatomy, body mechanics, and cycling goals. A fit might look perfect on paper, but it won't matter if your back is still aching from your morning ride! Prioritising your comfort and well-being, our Physio Bike Fit delivers a truly customized and effective solution for your cycling journey. Our process involves your feedback and feelings throughout, ensuring each position we try contributes to finding your perfect fit. While it may take a bit longer, we firmly believe it results in a superior, more personalized fit.

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Meet Our Physios

Our physiotherapists are CSP and HCPC registered. You can find out more about our physio’s by clicking on their about section.


What Our Patients Say..

This place was amazing, put me at ease, very professional, informative, very friendly staff ,i had to bring my granddaughter along as half term, nobody minded her waiting in reception. The lady I saw ( sorry can't remember her name ) Was empathic, patient, put me at ease, most importantly listened to me . Highly recommended.
Angela Crossley
Angela Crossley
October 20, 2023
When I arrived at the clinic, I was in a lot of pain and could barely walk. Following my 5 sessions with Elly Skinner I have got my life back ! She was so helpful , thorough and patient with her guiding me through the pain and I am now back to walking normally ! I highly recommend Elly !
Martin Chambers
Martin Chambers
October 16, 2023
Having put up with experiencing pain in my shoulder for several weeks I decided to do something about it. Having arranged an appointment with Barefoot Clinic I was assessed by Rebecca and given some daily exercises to complete. Having completed the exercises on most days I then attended a follow up appointment and it was confirmed that painless mobility had been restored. Top marks for the diagnosis and the appropriate treatment plan.
Bob Deakin
Bob Deakin
October 12, 2023
I had physio treatment with Barefoot Physio Clinic. I was very pleased with the help and support I received. The staff are friendly and professional. Thank you.
Jordan Hewitt
Jordan Hewitt
October 9, 2023
I damaged my shoulder during lockdown and it had been giving me trouble when sleeping or lifting things. I started working on my physical health in 2022 and felt my shoulder pain/lack of mobility was holding me back. I had tried a few chiropractic sessions that hadn't really helped and when I spoke to my PT he recommended seeing James at Barefoot. At my first session James thoroughly assessed me and identified the cause really quickly. He gave me some exercises to do for the next 4 weeks and also gave me access to a great app that let me watch videos of the prescribed movements. I used the app to track progress and message James about anything I wasn't sure of which was really useful. We had a follow up after 4 weeks and there was a noticeable improvement in my mobility and a reduction in the pain I had been experiencing, almost to the point of it not being an issue anymore. James had helped me do in 4 weeks what a chiropractor couldn't do in 8. He didn't leave it there though, as he gave me follow up exercises that I could continue with and he seemed to genuinely care about helping me to achieve good physical health. Really personable service and he knows his stuff! You won't be disappointed and he'll genuinely help you.
Lindsay Lucas
Lindsay Lucas
October 5, 2023
I had been to quite a few physios previously for my knee but I was always given the wrong advice & diagnosis. I started sessions with Elly in May after dislocating my kneecap quite badly. I couldn’t walk & I was in lots of pain. By this point I had made the decision not to play football anymore as it was too painful and my knee was too unstable. After spending the summer rehabbing with Elly’s programme I’ve gone from being unable to walk to now playing the highest level of women’s football in Wales. I seriously can’t describe how grateful I am. I would 10000000% recommend this place to anyone who is having injury issues.
Liz Norvill
Liz Norvill
October 2, 2023
Following a car accident I was in pain with anxiety and sleepless nights. I was given a simple exercise programme focusing on the specific problem areas and with just two sessions felt such a huge difference, it was wonderful. Thank you
Cath Cottingham
Cath Cottingham
September 29, 2023
referred by employer following surgery. Elly was understanding and empathetic to my needs and availability and formulated a rehabilitation programme which was expanded as the sessions progressed. She was realistic in setting achievable targets and the app worked well. would self refer without a doubt if i ever had to. many thanks.
Michael Baker
Michael Baker
September 20, 2023
I attended Barefoot, Exeter for a shoulder rotator cuff tear where I had very limited movement and lots of pain. I was treated by Elly Skinner and she was fantastic, she started me off with some very small exercises and built them up slowly over the weeks. She managed to improve my mobility and reduce the pain massively. She has a really lovely and kind nature. I will definitely use Barefoot again, if needed, and have been recommending them to my colleagues. Thanks again Elly you’re a star!
Naomi Gerring
Naomi Gerring
September 18, 2023